Virtual Card

FintechBee helps business organization to launch virtual card which can be created for online transactions. The Card can be used to shop online at any merchant website that accepts Visa Cards, without any difference from a regular plastic Card.

It provides an easy and secure way of transacting online without providing the Primary Card/Account information to the merchant.

How does a Virtual Visa Card work?

A virtual Visa card represents your account but is simply a set of random numbers and a CVV code that can be generated instantly. You can use the virtual Visa card to make purchases within a few minutes of its creation.

When a virtual Visa card is used to make a purchase, the cost is routed back to the underlying account that is linked to the number, and the payment is made from the account. The virtual Visa card number expires as soon as it is used, making it useless for would-be thieves.

Where can a Virtual cards be used?
Virtual business cards are not made from plastic. They are simply numbers that are generated to make secure purchases. Since they are not plastic, they can only be used by businesses to make purchases online or over the phone.
  • tickVirtual cards are cards used for online shopping without the customer having to reveal his financial information.
  • tickAllows to bank anytime, anywhere
  • tickFacilitates cashless transactions
  • tickHelp to pay utility bills, shop online, book flight tickets etc
  • tickHelp to link your investments
  • tickHelps to get cash back offers, reward points
  • tickHelps to pay the exact amount
What we do
We develop Virtual card for your business which attracts your customers. These cards are royalty-free and can be used for private or non-commercial applications.