Utility Bill Payment
We develop automated access to utility bill data and helps to manage your own bills, the FintechBee Platform will streamline bill processing, help you avoid late fees, and reduce costs.
What we do?
We delivers data straight to you as soon as it’s available from the utility, so you never again need to chase down invoices to get the information you need.
The data you get is sourced directly from the utility provider, and run against over internal data checks, so you can confidently perform audits and validate bill accuracy.
Feed your utility bills directly into accounts payable applications and watch as your payment process become effortless
Services we provide
Easy Integration
We make it easy to integrate utility data into bill management applications. If you need a custom integration, our team will take on the heavy lifting so yours can focus on core priorities.
Link your accounts
Link your account and use your data, running quickly with timely, automated utility bill data to streamline collection, validation, and payment of utility bills.
Other Services
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