What is meant by UPI?
UPI is a service that merchant can use to directly receive payment from the consumer to his bank account. The machine is integrated with the dynamic UPI QR code unique to the merchant. A customer needs his bank mobile app and can make payments in just a click.
The most prominent feature is that there is no need to enter bank account details such as account number, IFSC code, normally while making the transfer. Only details required for funds transfer is the payment amount.
How does UPI works?

Currently, if you want to make a bank payment online, you have to enter their account number, account type, Bank name and IFSC code. Even if you have all these details, typing it all in, particularly on a phone, is a painful process. Most banks take upto 12 hours to add a new payee and only then you can make the transfer.

The idea behind the UPI is to do away with all of this. The interface will allow account holders across banks to send and receive money from their smartphones using just their Aadhaar unique identity number, mobile phone number or virtual payments address without entering bank account details.

To initiate a transaction, you can use two types of address—global or local. Global address includes your mobile, Aadhaar and bank account numbers. A local address can be a virtual address.

So, you will no longer need to use a particular app to send and receive money. For example, if you use a taxi service, at the end of the journey you just have to give your virtual address and the driver will request money from it. You will get a message on your mobile phone asking for authentication. Once you authenticate the transaction by entering your password, it will be complete. This process doesn’t require either the driver or you to share bank details. Since UPI runs on IMPS, the service will be available real time and 24X7.

Where can UPI be used?

This solution can work across web, mobile and web-view inside a mobile app. Without any coding knowledge, you can collect payments from your customers in two simple steps allowing fewer dropouts at the conversion level, thereby offering a seamless checkout experience

UPI will simplify your online payments. Now, we have to use NEFT, IMPS or a digital wallet to make a quick payment to the service providers. With the UPI, you simply need to enter your details, and get a billing request on your phone – which you can accept or reject right away.

Apart from this, you can send money to your family and friends instantly.

What we do?
We develop white label solution of UPI service. We provide your own brand that can be managed by your own staff.
FintechBee platform uses state of the art technology to deliver to the merchant a user experience that is dependable, easy to use, and balancing to their day-to-day transactional needs.