QR Code
Fintech bee makes it easy for any business or organization to launch a QR code for any kind of use case. QR code payments- A two- dimensional version of a barcode allow merchants to receive payments from customers simply by scanning generated QR codes using a smartphone camera.
How can QR codes be used to make payments?
Paying retailers with QR scanners
At the check-out, the cashier will enter the amount to pay. You will then open your QR scanning app and display your unique QR code to the retailer. The retailer will scan the QR code to identify you and deduct the money from your mobile wallet, using a compatible mobile payment app.
Paying retailers without QR scanners
Here, the retailer will display a QR code and you will scan it using the QR scanning app on your mobile device. The app will identify the retailer. Then you can enter the payable amount and complete the payment.
Paying individuals (such as self-employed professionals)
Maybe you will need to pay your taxi fare upon drop-off, rent to your landlord, or even pay back a friend you borrowed cash from in the past. In this case, both you and the recipient open the QR scanning payment app. You will scan the recipient’s unique QR code, add the amount to pay and complete the transaction.
Where can QR codes be used?
QR codes can be used for anything and everything. They are also beneficial for both customers and businesses.
  • tickEvents/ Airline tickets
  • tickMobile coupons/Loyalty cards
  • tickRetail shops/ Physical shops
  • tickHospitals
  • tickMobile Payments etc
What we do
We develop QR code for your business which attracts your customers. The generated QR codes are royalty-free and can be used for private or non-commercial applications.