What is NFC?

NFC (near field communication) is the technology that allows two devices—like your phone and a payments terminal—to talk to each other when they’re close together. NFC is the technology that enables contactless payments.

NFC mobile payments are dynamically encrypted, making them one of the most secure ways to pay.

How does NFC works?

NFC is the technology that’s the way the mobile device and the NFC-enabled point-of-sale system talk back and forth to each other to process a payment. The devices do have to be close, though (that’s where the “near” part of near field communication comes in). For a contactless payment to go off seamlessly, you usually have to hold your phone two inches or less from the reader.

When a contactless payment is initiated (by a customer holding or tapping a mobile device to the payments terminal), the NFC technology goes to work. Using the specific frequency, the NFC-enabled reader and the smartphone pass encrypted information back and forth to each other to complete the payment. This all takes just seconds. Speed, in fact, is one of the coolest parts of NFC payments. They take a fraction of the time and are faster than cash and card payments.

Where can NFC be used?
NFC can be used to
  • tickMake payments for all sorts of businesses
  • tickSharing applications
  • tickYou tube videos
  • tickWeb content information
  • tickContact information
  • tickPhotos
  • tickLoyalty and memberships etc
What we do

One needs to get a new NFC-enabled payments reader that can accept contactless payments.

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